Jean-Romain Garnier CentraleSupélec student & software developer

iOS Python

About me

I am a French and American citizen currently studying in France. I made my first iOS app in 2011, and made a few more since then. I have worked both on designing and implementing user-interfaces, as well as working on low-level projects.


Rézo President (2018 — 2019)

President of Rézo, a non-profit association providing Internet access to the 200+ students of CentraleSupélec in the Rennes campus.


Junior enterprise (2017 — 2018)

Created and updated multiple iOS apps as projects for CentraleSupélec's junior enterprise.

Socket - Plug into the music (2016 — 2017)

Designed and created the UI for Socket, an app to access hundreds of music communities, enjoy free unlimited streaming and socialize with millions of music fans.

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Tob - Secure Tor browser (2015 — present)

Developed the first full-fledged Tor browser for iOS. It allows its 1,000,000+ users to protect their privacy while still enjoying a smooth browsing experience, free of ads and troubles.

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Framework for Convertigo (2015)

Created, as part of a team, a framework allowing native access to Convertigo's cloud services and providing RSA encryption for secure communication. It is notably used by Carrefour bank for their iPhone and iPad app.

Elogger (2013)

Built Elogger, the companion app to Elog, Chauvin Arnoux Energy's data logger. It lets you access an Elog through the internet, list the connected devices and check their real time values to monitor your energy consumption.


Modeling and evaluating performance of 5G-compatible NOMA systems (2018)

Created, with a research team at CentraleSupélec, a probabilistic model of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access systems and validated its performance with lab-equipment.

Facial recognition controlled camera (2017)

Built, along with another CentraleSupélec student, a camera using facial recognition for tracking in a live video feed. This project combined a Python algorithm with an Arduino platform to find faces and learn to differentiate them on the fly.

Librecast (2015)

Wrote a smart client for decentralised video streaming in Python. LibreCast protects both users and publishers' information and enables peer-to-peer video streaming and downloading.

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Engineering student at CentraleSupélec (2017 — 2020)

Studying in Rennes, campus specialised in cybersecurity.

CPGE (cram school) student at Blaise Pascal (2015 — 2017)

Studied Physics and Chemistry in Orsay.

Baccalauréat S degree with honors (2015)

Major in math and science, minor in computer science.


Objective-C, iOS platforms

5 years of experience

Team work, project management

Academic work & personal projects

English / French



Advanced level


A2 level


Ski, badminton, patisserie