Jean-Romain Garnier CentraleSupélec student & software developer

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iOS Apps

Discover the different apps I made for iOS over the years.
Some are open-source and available on Github.

Tob - Secure Tor browser

Tob is a free, open-source and ad-less web browser that uses Tor to protect your privacy.
It allows you to anonymously browse the internet without websites or your ISP tracking you. You can change IP address or clear cookies and caches with the press of a button. Tob also blocks ads and web-pages' scripts that could be used to track your network activity.
Hidden services (.onion websites) are available using Tob.

Socket - Plug into the music

Socket works with, YouTube and SoundCloud to access hundreds of music communities, enjoy free unlimited streaming and socialize with millions of music and music videos fans.
With Socket, you play an active role in the music you listen to by voting for or against (Woot/Meh) songs playing, chat with members sharing the same interests, and make new friends.

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Elogger is the companion app to Elog, the data logger from Enerdis. It lets you access an Elog through the internet, list the connected devices and check their real time values to monitor your energy consumption.
Elogger is ideal for the commissioning of an energy management system: go from one meter to another, check on your iPhone that they are properly connected to the system, verify their IP addresses and their readings.

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