Jean-Romain Garnier CentraleSupélec student & software developer

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Python projects

Find out about my most significant Python projects.
Most of them are open-source and available on Github.


LibreCast is a multi-platform client developed as a school project. It allows users to stream videos, manage playlists and subscriptions, browse online content and more.
3 students (including me) worked on the desktop version while and a web-based client was made by another student. Both are only available in French.

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Boxxy, a two-player turn-by-turn based game, where the goal is to complete squares on a 6 by 6 board. One player hosts the server, enabling multiple users to play over the network.
This project was an update to an existing tutorial which was partially broken by some updates.

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Notes Maker

Notes Maker is a simple text editor made for students who wish to take notes in class, and then convert them to fully-readable content.
This project helped me learn Python and start experimenting with UI.

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